Monday, July 2, 2007

I Have Neglected You, Laser Hair Removal Yay!

I admit it. I've neglected this blog, but no more!

I've been studying prices for laser hair removal clinics and yeah. It's expensive. Not to mention I really want to go to someone who KNOWS what they're doing. I've got a ton of research saved that I'm soon to share with you, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, a lot of people have been talking (and looking!) for Gillette's Home Laser Hair Removal device. Good luck! As of yet, I've seen no marketing for the product and information seems to be hard to get a hold of. Did the trial runs not go over so well?

In the meantime, I found this place that claims to be "San Francisco's Leading Hair Removal Clinic." I've got to admit that the before and after photos are very intriguing. They do something called "Light Sheer." I'm going to find out more about this and post my findings.

Friday, March 23, 2007

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

In Layman's terms, obviously.

I had read about electrolysis and that just didn't sound like any fun. Plus, as I mentioned in an earlier entry, it sounded like it would take quite a long time.

According to what I've read, laser hair removal works like this:

The laser, controlled by a technician, targets the hair in its growth stage. As it does this, it destroys the pigment in the hair and, as such, causes regrowth to stop. Apparently, because this laser works on the pigment, the ideal candidate for the process is someone who has dark hair, but light skin. Luckily, I'm an ideal candidate. I say luckily, but personally, I'd rather *not* have the dark hair, but hey, that's the reason that I'm here.

Another thing that I've discovered in my research: there are some treatment centers that use a "light" (some sites have referred to this as a "traditional light") that can do the same thing as a laser. However, this isn't true laser hair removal. What's odd is that I've seen this very thing ("a light pulse" is what it was called) advertised through magazines and television as permanent hair reduction.

Apparently, this is wrong-o. The hair has to be targeted by a laser in order for the hair growth to be stunted permanently.

Now, remember when I said that the laser targets the hair in its growth stage? Right. Well, before you go for your appointment, you're going to be asked to shave the area that is to be treated. I've heard that if you have hair that isn't shaved, the laser will melt it or it will wind up burning your skin. Doesn't sound pleasant to me. Some salons will offer to shave the area for you. Others will ask you to do it before you come in. And obviously, if you grow hair quicker than others (like me), you'll want to do this not long before your appointment.

So, back to the growth stage element. The laser targets the hair in its growth stage. The thing is, hair grows a different rates. This basically means that, when you go in for your appointment, not all of your hairs are going to be affected by the laser. So, in short, you're going to have to go back for second or third treatments usually. Sometimes more.

Once the treatment is done, it's going to appear like the hair is growing back, but what it's actually doing is "shedding." After this, you'll be able to see just how much of the hair is actually regrowth and what was taken care of with the first treatment.

By the way, if any of you out there in webland have any laser hair removal stories that you'd like to share (anonymously!), please feel free to contact me. It's all well and good to hear a doctor or a technician describe it, but to hear it from someone who has actually undergone the procedure brings it home. When I had breast augmentation done, that's how it was for me. Because of talking to the people I talked to, I knew exactly what to expect that a doctor couldn't have really understood.

Next post, I'll be going over what I've found out about costs. Til then!

Laser Hair Removal at Home?

I've been seeing all these ads touting devices that accomplish laser hair removal at home.

Yeah right?

But then, I come across this news article about how Gillette has invested in a company that normally makes laser hair removal machines for salons to produce a machine that can be used at home.

I looked up Gillette and laser hair removal and came up with a picture of this device:

This is actually one of their salon devices, but it is apparently used by many salons here in the States. Gillette is investing in a device that this company has created (Palomar Medical Technologies is the name of the company) to enable people to remove hair by laser at home.

According to everything I can find, this thing is only in test phases and who knows when it will come out, but one article I read suggested sometime in 2008.

So, if you're willing to wait and don't want to pay astronomical prices for laser hair removal, it might be worth it to try and hold out. I doubt I will, because, what if you wait all that time and then it sucks?

And yes, I've been researching the prices for salon laser hair removal and will come back with a post on what all I've found. It is pricey, folks. So, if you think this home device is a good bet, you might want to wait it out. No idea how it's going to be when you're wanting to reach those "tough-to-get" spots.

Welcome to Laser Hair Removal - Yay!

So, this is my blog dedicated to my journey to become a (mostly) hairless wonder.

Basically, I hate shaving.

Now, this might sound vain or lazy, but the truth is, shaving just doesn't work well for me. I can shave and an hour later, it's like a five-o-clock shadow. Add to that I have sensitive skin when it comes to shaving and you've got a painful mess.

I've tried everything: various razors - disposable, electric and battery powered, depilatories, waxes, epilators, hair growth inhibators and just about anything else you can think of.

What I haven't tried is laser hair removal. The first time I heard of laser hair removal, I was skeptical. Permanent hair removal? I had heard of electrolysis, but wasn't sure of it. It sounded very evasive and, from the sound of it, it would take forever to do a large area (a.k.a. one leg!). Plus, the whole needle in the skin thing didn't sound all that inviting.

So, this blog is about my quest to finally have laser hair removal done and all the information I can find about the process in the meantime. I've been compiling information for awhile and figured it would only make sense to make all this information compiled into one form to others so they might not have to search as much as I have.

Enjoy! More posts to come soon!!